Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Reading Corlaine I have to say was a lot different compared to the movie, though moving on, this was a very interesting read.  I will say I got the same feeling and thoughts as the movie in which brought the idea of being deceived by wickedness and its schemes. Coraline being a young child she goes through something everyone goes through, a tough situation or hitting a roadblock. Speaking for some people we tend to have something in our life that makes us unhappy, not loved enough or wanting more. We start to head towards the dark and treacherous path that we force ourselves to see as something beautiful and wonderful, flowers and birds, you get the picture. We resort to other things of happiness and try to find that missing part of us. The dark Devil that follows behind us lurks in the shadows throwing out all its goodies and treasures disguised as ash and muck and honestly we tend to fall for it! Now say a year passes by, maybe weeks…..days and we have become so enraptured by this “other world” of deception that we become so set on this being the best for us. Then over time that certain “person” starts to feel regret, depression, worry and confusion. We become so boiled up with these feelings we start to feel like we don’t know what we want, why isn’t that happiness still not found? I thought this was making me happy but I don’t feel any better about myself? That’s when BOOM that confidence and bravery start to kick in. Realizing that what we have now we tend to take for granted and promise ourselves to head towards the lighter path and fix what we damaged. No matter what it is everyone has a chance or deserves a second chance to change their ways and make a change!  Stand up for what’s right in your heart! Spend those moments in pure pleasure and joy before its takin away and out of reach. Deceptions are out there being thrown out like the dark maned lion is waiting for its prey so DON’T let him have that chance! Honestly I know how it feels going through a hard time but there are people who care about each and every one of us and are there to guide us. We individuals go through many rough times but at the midst of it we become stronger because of it.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Idiocracy (2005 Film)  and My View on the World’s Future

     10 years from now I feel like my future specifically will be at a wonderful point where I could travel, have a good job and family. Regarding society in some areas I believe that society and the community has the potential to expand and improve, and solve many problems and make things better. In other areas things might take a turn for the worst as we don’t know exactly what could happen, for which there is no time travel. 10 years from now I hope Earth’s inhabitants will come together in mutual respect with each other in regards to taking care of man kind and the Earth’s life cycle. Many people I believe currently are starting to think more on what’s good for them than what’s good for all of us and Earth. In retrospect, again, we don’t know for sure what will happen, but someday I know things will eventually come to an end whether we like it or not.

     In the year 2050, 33 years from now, I believe I will be in a good point in life where I’m excelling at my job doing art and expanding the art world, already possiblely a grandparent, still married, and exploring the world and changing it step by step. Regarding the community of Earth I would agree that in my mind possible invention of “flying cars”, better way of saving gas, electric cars, a more advanced way of using technology.

     100 years later, many years from now, the world will start to take a big turn. The world will become more dependent on the facts of people than “reliable” research on the internet. Important events might become less relevant as things that don’t matter become more relevant. Flying cars might definitely be in the works. Television will become more virtual reality and also game entertainment. Movies today would become “old” and “classic”. Fashion will be more ahead than ever as clothing will be more stylized, colorful, and definitely strangely weird. Voice automation will be used widely in restaurant ordering, dine-in’s, wardrobe changing, television channeling. Lastly food will be more accessible to us such as having a microwave that expands the size of food to save available space! Therefore, again, years and years from now will still never know but it’s nice to know what could happen, and it could if Earth’s people attempt to make an effort in improving an expanding their minds to help the world!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Silent Running 1972
     The Earth. A big huge thriving planet of living people and animals. Journeying into Silent Running I felt so many emotions that honestly were so strong I started to understand the importance of nature and humanity. I felt through Lowell the intense need to protect mother nature and at Earth’s core which is important for survival, using the senses, and even imagination. I was shocked throughout the whole film! Imagining this world without REAL food or REAL nature really puts me on edge. The wonderful beauty of Earth and what it gives is something God has given all of us as something to enjoy, admire, for what it is and gives to us in return. Nature is real, we can touch it, smell it, eat some of it, and compared to anything synthetic it then becomes something “unrecognizable” in the sense of the world ending. For example, a synthetic flower you see at stores it could feel like one but what do you smell?  I realized most importantly what about imagination of the human mind? Imagination is a wonderful thing for any young child as it brings creativity and wonder, dreams of success, and discovery.  Children like to discover, they are curious and what would there be there to learn about Earth if there was nothing left of it? The Earth, that we smart intellectual beings populate, say is dying, isn’t it our fault we don’t care enough to take care of it? The Earth is what we live on and some of us don’t care one bit! Honestly if I were never to touch or smell flowers, trees, the grass etc. it would never compare to what’s fake. In a way it’s hard to explain as Earth’s beauty is too wonderful just to want to destroy it. It provides food for us in return for what we grow… in a way it’s thanking us. Including the sun, without it, were would humanity be? The sun is what keeps us and nature living and growing. The world still needs to be discovered but without Earth what will there be left to discover? So I ask the question to me and others, are we protecting Earth and ourselves or are we destroying HUMANITY for the sake of “progress”?

Thursday, April 6, 2017


     Reading the text to this story starting from the beginning, in my mind, I felt okay with what I was reading. It seemed to me to be interesting and I became more curious so I read on wanting to understand what was taking place. Reading on it became strange, weird, and utterly disgusting to me as the little bit of vivid description/detail of some parts left me creeped out. The rules/agreements that go on in the relationships between the Terrans (humans) and the Tlics again in just so bizarre! It’s a story that just leaves me wondering why someone would come up with this idea and want to read it?

     The only connections I made were the relationships between the Terran and the Tlics. The Tlics, from what I understand, can’t bear their own young as the use humans to bear their young as they contain enough room and sustainment for the young to grow. In exchange the Tlic are allowing the women to remain alive as the woman of this “second Earth” need to bear the next generation to provide available food for the Tlics’s young to grow.

     The changes I would make to adapt this story into another media would be to probably have the aliens be more “hostile” in the sense they would just be killing the Terrans instead of going into, kind of gory detail, of impregnation of the “alien” eggs and birthing. My brain honestly didn’t like to read info on that specific subject. Making the Tlics less disgusting, without the weird “egg/worm” process, would make me feel much better reading it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Wild Sheep Chase

     Reading a Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami gave me first hand assumptions that in occurring themes, “horror” films attract the audience, such as myself, by throwing in concepts that contain just the “original” shock effect of being scared or frightened. My assumptions were quickly proven to be wrong, in J-Horror, after researching the differences and comparisons of west and east “horror” films. Referring back to A Wild Sheep Chase I’ve never come to realize that most themes in J-Horror originated from the culturally negative influences from Eastern culture. Differentiating J-Horror from American or “Western Horror,” American Horror is generically based upon, again, by the “shock effect,” and for J-Horror that’s completely different.  For example, in A Wild Sheep Chase the protagonist suffers inner depression and self-inflicting thoughts of not being important for any wordly purpose; referring to the sheep being most associated with dangerous ambitions. The sheep, after more clarification, helped me to understand that the Eastern culture was involved in many wars and turning to dangerous ambitions. J-Horror is more influenced by their society and wanting just to live a generic and normal lifestyle. American Horror tries to recreate these films by giving a more mechanical plot of the original by not giving too much cultural background of the Easter origin. American Horror is just a fun, scary way to get your blood pumping and add suspense into your daily life. I found it interesting that many ghosts in J-Horror are associated with women, and the usual abuse from their husbands or counterparts, which results in the cause of seeking out revenge. Monsters also differ widely in American and J-Horror. American Horror includes zombies, vampires, werewolves, and in J-Horror the monsters mostly revolve around ghosts. Psychological pressure is more prominent in J-Horror more so than American Horror. Horror movies in Japan are the combination of history, culture and current social problems and America well, as I know of doesn’t revolve around using any common sense or any current social problems other than just making fun of women and men and the meaning of horror.